- When is the best time to visit Mongolia ?
The most suitable time to visit Mongolia is between June to August. The majority travelers visit around this time of the year with the peak being around the Naadam Festival, which is in mid-July. May and September are also good times to travel too and less crowded than the peak times, although be aware that the weather can be unpredictable.

- What are the ger camps? Are the operational during winter times?
The portable ger (as well known as yurt) is circular shaped traditional Mongolian house. It was the preferred shelter of Genghis Khan and his Mongol horde as they swept across the harsh empty plains. "Ger" in Mongolian actually means "home," and these structures are some of the most comfortable options when it comes to camping shelters.
As for the ger camps it is a kind of a hotel equipped with all necessary facilities and amenities in more traditional designed way.
In the winter season most of the ger camps close due to freezing cold temperature. Because it is difficult to reach the destination and facilities need to be shutdown to avoid freezing.

- What kind of clothing should I pack?
We advise you to pack versatile but not extensive. Be prepared for hot scorching sunshine and cold, chilly, windy nights. Weather changes can be very unpredictable in the vast Mongolian nature, therefore pack accordingly. Also as you know already you Mongolia is a sunny country, thus pack your sunglasses and cream, a hat and good walking boots or sturdy shoes are a must.

- Electricity in Mongolia?
Mongolian plugs have two round pins and the power is 220V. Through many ger camps have electricity it’s either from generators or solar panels. Note, it’s not always a reliable supply though. In some remote areas do not expect electricity at all.

- In case I am vegetarian?
Don’t worry a bit. As long as we know in advance about your food preference, we can almost meet all kinds of dietary requirements. Ulanbaatar city has many great vegetarian cafes and restaurants.

- Do I need a visa?
For most countries it is required to obtain a visa. A tourist visas are usually a 30-day tourist visa and it’s fairly easily obtained at any Mongolian embassy, consulate, consulate-general or honorary consul. However if you are travelling in between trips and didn’t have a chance to get a visa, you can pick up a 30-day tourist visa on arrival at the airport in Ulaanbaatar. Be aware you’ll need 108,000 Tugriks (or dollar equivalent) and two copies of passport photos and an invitation from an organisation or company within Mongolia.

-What is the best method to get around Mongolia?
Travelling around the countryside you will need a good guide and an experienced driver with equipped 4WD car. Travelling by car without tight schedule making as many stop over as you’d like is the best way to see Mongolia and meet the local people. Note that you might encounter some unpredictable weather changes and even some unexpected events at local villages.

- I there anything else i should know and be asking about?
Most definitely. Most likely! We are always happy to answer your questions and to assist with your travel planning so please do not hesitate to contact us.