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Gobi Camp

Our ger camps are located in a peaceful and splendid area of Gobi desert. In particular camp Gobi is situated close to main town Dalanzadgad (104 °040 100 longitude and 43°46 636). Our camps are built with much consideration to the desert nature and they are specifically designed as a base from which to explore the well known explorations of South Gobi. They each respond to the unique beauty and characteristics of their location, also they serve as a meeting point for travelers from all around the world who share a passion for nature.

Gobi camp is a simple yet cozy tourist camp in the the heart of Gobi desert. We designed this camp in a modest way to provide our guests experiences that combine outdoor adventure with indoor basic necessities and comforts, hospitality and excellent service.
Our objectives are to be as sustainable as possible, maintaining Gobi eco system and using furniture and accessories handmade with local materials and crafts, whilst also creating a peaceful place that allows our guests to relax and enjoy the serenity in this magical part of the earth.Our ambiance is modest and friendly; we want our guests to be comfortable. When night falls, take in the brilliant stars, bask in the peace and wonder that is the Gobi desert. The Gobi camp faces the magnificent Gurvansaikhan mountain range.

Come and feel the beautiful undulating, colourful, high altitude desert lands with us.