Naadam Festival - Pride of Mongols


– Fully equipped transportation with an experienced driver
– Full board accommodation
– Comfortable stay at Ger camps
– English speaking tour guide
– All taxes and taxes for the nature reserves and entrance fees for sightseeing
– Horse ride

The Naadam festival is an annual event that take place in the month of July to celebrate "The three games of men". The games are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery. Embrace the festive atmosphere at the Naadam Festival, combining visits to the region's incredible nature landmarks, such as ancient capital of Mongolia Kharkhorum, Sand dunes of Elsen Tasarhai and many more. Mongolian culture is incredibly vibrant and there is no better example of this than Naadam festival. Be sure to get involved and experience the culture and people of this amazing land.

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar city
Enjoy the Ulaanbaatar scene before the big festivity begins. You'll get to witness as the city comes alive with color, enthusiasm and happiness. We'll take you around the city touring the must see spots and museums, which store our history.

Day 2. Naadam festival in Ulaanbaatar city
The festival commences with a procession in the morning from the Main square to the Stadium. The locals dress in traditional and colorful costumes. Performers sing and dance portraying the culture, history and accomplishments of Mongols the nomads. The thee games of men are the highlights of the festival. Also during the Naadam festival you'll get to be a spectator of rare competitions like archery and horse racing. Traditional wrestling and horse racing are the crowning jewels of the festival. These competitions are followed by the open air concerts at the city's main square. Delicious food, interesting stalls displaying artifacts, handicrafts and other souvenirs are also available at the festival.

Day 3. Khustai national park,
Leaving the city early in the morning you'll take a drive to Khustai national park, which is home to the rare and endangered horse species, wild Przewalski horses. Early drive through the park will give you a chance to take a glance at this unique wild horses in their natural habitat.

Day 4. Kharkhorum once the capital of Mongol empire
The trip will continue on towards the ancient Mongolian capital Kharkhorum city. In the 16th century on the remains of this ancient capital were used to build the monastery of Erdene Zuu, one of the last surviving Buddhist monastery in the country and housing religious artifacts of Mongolian history. Surrounding the monastery Turtle monuments and the Phallic stones also can be found.

Day 5. Orkhon valley
You'll continue your journey to the beautiful valley of Orkhon river, which was inscribed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List as representing evolution of nomadic pastoral traditions. You'll spend a night at the beautiful ger camp located right at the egde of the Orkhon river canyon. You can enjoy the spectacular views overlooking the Orkhon river and even seek for adventure looking for carvings on the rocks left by the ancient ancestors.

Day 6. Orkhon valley, Ulaan tsutgalan
This morning we drive to Ulaan tsutgalan aka Orkhon waterfall. With good rainy season this beautiful waterfall is one of the must see sights in the country. Enjoy a relaxing day at the waterfall taking a short walk to the downstream. You can explore the deep gorge and nature surrounding it, you can also take a plunge into the water to refresh yourself on a hot day.

Day 7. Khogno khaan
The drive to the Khogno khaan will take a detour through a Tuvkhun khiid /monastery/. This beautiful monastery is located on a rocky mountain hill surrounded by forests elevated in 2300 meters above sea level. We'll resume our drive though the vast hills onto our destination Khogno khaan natrural reserve.

Day 8. Khogno khaan, Elsen tasarkhai
Khogno Khan Natural Reserve covers 46,990 hectares of land and is located in Rashaant county of Bulgan province. The taiga and steppe plants grow in this area and represent two or three different natural zones. This is a magnificent place with mountains, forests, steppes, Gobi-type desert and mineral water sources all in one location. Also here at Khogno Khan Natural Reserve you'll explore an extraordinary sand dunes called Elsen Tasarhai. "Elsen tasarhai" is a part of the Great Mongolian Sand dunes and extends about 80 km. The scenery is a perfect combination of desert, picturesque mountains, river and green grassland. Also will visit one of the main attractions of this area, Uvgun monastery which was built in 17th century by Saint Zanabazar who was a great sculptor and the biggest representative of Buddhism in Mongolia.

Day 9. Ulaanbaatar
This morning we'll drive back to Ulaanbaatar city. Transfer back to your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.