Classic Gobi Tour


– Domestic flight
– Fully equipped transportation with an experienced driver
– Full board accommodation
– Comfortable stay at Ger camps
– English speaking tour guide
– All taxes and taxes for the nature reserves and entrance fees for sightseeing
– Camel ride

Our extensive Gobi experience has lead us to create this short tour, a special journey to only Gobi desert area that we offer. This nomadic journey will allow our travelers to discover the gems of Gobi desert and explore areas of unparalleled beauty.

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar- Dalanzadgad - Yol valley
After an exciting short flight over the Mongolian desert we reach the Dalanzadgad city in southern part of Mongolia. You can see the grassland of Mongolia throughout the plane ride. From the airport you can take the car directly into the mountains of Gurvansaikhan national park, where we go up an idyllic Yol valley. Yol valley is a narrow gorge, where ice fields can be spotted.

Day 2. Bayanzag aka Flaming Cliffs -Khongor els
Bayanzag in Mongolian means rich in saxaul shrugs. It is only here the petrified complete dinosaur skeletons and eggs of Cretaceous period were discovered. In 1920’s the expedition team lead by Roy Chapman Andrews discovered 80 dinosaur skeletons of 60 different species. Flaming Cliffs are the fascinating red sandstone formations, which appears as a flame from the distance. Take a walk along the expedition route and look for remnants of dinosaurs bones.

Day 3. Khongor sand dunes
In the enormity of the Gobi desert here at the Khongor sand dunes, which stretches about 180 km, you’ll find green oasis and rocky mountains that are intertwined with the landscape. Together they create magical sight! Enjoy the beauty of the landscape along with its variety of flora and fauna. At night the clear sky turns into a real window to the universe and the presents you with an opportunity to stargaze.

Day 4. A day at nomadic family
A relaxing day to enjoy the scenery and pay a visit to local nomadic family. Spend a day with a nomadic family riding bactrian camel and see for yourself how nomads and their animals are still withstanding the extreme weather conditions and creating a unique culture. It’s a perfect way to encounter with nature and man.

Day 5. Khongor els - Dalanzadgad
Drive back to Dalanzadgad area and rest the of the day is at your leisure. Walk around the steppe and enjoy the peaceful sunset of Gobi desert.

Day 6. Dalanzadgad - Ulaanbaatar
Head back to Ulaanbaatar city.